We Concentrate on Matters of Primary Concern to Closely-Held Business Owners

Vesco Consulting Group is a management-consulting firm that assists closely held business owners in assessing and improving business performance and developing the strategic and financial capabilities needed to compete and thrive in the marketplace.  We pour our insight and deep operational experience into your business issues.  We help you focus on what really matters:

  • Determining strategic direction and the best strategies to compete
  • Providing financial statement, tax return and accounting services
  • Assessing and improving business performance
  • Turning around a decline in profits
  • Developing the appropriate financial and information infrastructure
  • Securing all types of lender financing with favorable terms and rates

We offer exceptional client service, and team with you and your key personnel to translate your vision into reality. Whether your business is growing or is in the process of transition, we think and work along with you to develop strategic, operational and financial strategies and convert them into immediate action.